Prima conferință despre MARKETINGUL PRIN influenceri din România

Everyone talks about influencers today and quite a few see influencer marketing as one valuable tactic of the future. Now is the time to define Influencer Marketing as a serious discipline and to present enough case studies to optimize strategies, to discover tools and tactics to fit the needs of brands.

The second edition of Influencer Marketing Conference will be held in Bucharest on 12th of September.



Whether you are a marketer or a PR specialist or you work in integrated marketing, community development or social media management, this conference is for you! The event will show you the power of influencer marketing and inspire you to make the most of your efforts.


Agencies will learn learn how to find the right influencers and build mutually beneficial collaboration, how to implement Influencer Marketing without the huge budgets, which KPIs are meaningful. The focus is on the strategies and tactics you need to successfully implement for your business.

Olivier Billon
Founder & CEO, YKONE France
Linda Hornfeldt
Founder, Influencers of Sweden
Alexandra Teja
Director of Customer Success, InfluencerDB Germany
Ioana Mârzac Sigarteu
Corporate Communication Manager, Samsung Electronics Romania
Mike Quyen
Vlad Voiculescu
Social entrepreneur, MagiCAMP
Marius Manole
Matei Dima
Adrian Popescu
Content Creator, Noaptea Tarziu
Oana Bulexa
Managing Director, MSL The Practice
Rodica Mihalache
Head of Consumer & Business Insights, Starcom Romania
Andreea Lupu
Strategy & Innovation Director, Starcom Romania
Andreea Zanfir
Consumer Context Planner, Starcom Romania
Alexandra Hash
Talent Manager, Global Influencers
Florin Grozea
Founder, Hit Yourself Consulting
Ionut Polexe
Head of Business Development, Roton Music
Creative Partner, Jazz Communication
  • 4
    about today's trends in marketing, with different and unique approaches
  • 15
    experts from communication and media agencies & clients
  • 300
    responsible for company influencer marketing campaigns
  • Opportunities for Brands to Drive Measurable Results
    Brands, agencies and influencers must work closely together, because only then can influencer marketing be used optimally and become even more attractive as a channel. What does the future of Influencer Marketing look like? What is going to change and why is it important to understand that you need to redefine "connection.
  • Strategies for Brands to Find the Best Influencers
    There are plenty of tools available designed to help you find the right influencers. But they won’t help you if you don’t know what you’re looking for—or how to find them. Learn strategies for finding new talent, determining whether they’re a good fit, as well as any red flags to look out for.
  • The Challenge of Measuring Influencer Marketing Results
    How do you judge if you have found the right influencers? Followers and likes do not tell the whole story when it comes to reach, branding and sales. In this session, you will learn how to use machine learning to make robust assessments of influencers and campaigns, and which indicators provide information on the success and failure of influencer campaigns.
  • Learn from leading Influencer Marketing case studies
    Uncover key insights about the current state and strategic evolution of influencer marketing practice within leading brands.  You’ll get insider tips for the best way to engage with influencers, and for establishing an Equal Value Partnership that leaves both sides feeling like they got something out of the deal.

The new edition of the Influence Me study conducted by Starcom Romania was launched during the event and brought forward must-have information for marketing directors and key members in influencer campaigns. This study is the best information resource about influencers at this point in Romania.

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